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Worship Guitar In Six Weeks

A Complete Beginner’s Guide to Learning Rhythm Guitar for Christian Worship Music

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DISCOVER: How over two thousand people are learning to play guitar for the first time.

Want to learn to play guitar, but haven’t found the right course? Perhaps you’ve tried free online sites that promise a lot, but simply do not deliver high-value content. One solution to this problem is Worship Guitar In Six Weeks.

Six Weeks – 13 Chords – Learn How to Tune – Learn About Rhythm

It’s not easy to learn guitar by yourself. What you may not realize is it’s fairly easy to do so with the right training course. Using 10 minutes each day to learn at a pace of about three chords per week will give you all you need to be a “guitar player” in six weeks. You’ll learn how to buy a guitar, how to tune, and what accessories to spend your money on. Worship Guitar In Six Weeks is unique in that it walks you through EACH NEW CHORD with (1) a picture of someone fretting the chord, (2) a chord diagram clearly demonstrating where to put your fingers, and (3) a “UNIQUE to this book only” step-by-step, written out process of where to place each finger on the guitar AND in which order. This is critical to your success.

Worship Guitar In Six Weeks is laid out similar to a small group study. Each lesson begins with a prayer to pray. Next, you learn your objectives for that week. Then you launch into that week’s content. By the end of the six-week course, you have all you need to play guitar by yourself or with other musicians.

LEARN: 13 guitar chords, how to strum, the best way to buy a guitar (“Friends don’t let friends go into a guitar store alone”), how to tune the guitar, and much more!

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“How refreshing! Finally, a tool geared for the average person who just wants to learn and enjoy the guitar. Each week’s expectations are realistic and, most important, doable. As a fellow teacher, I freely recommend it to all.”

Chris Beatty of Vocal Coach

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PDF (In 2018)

Thank you, Micah, for putting out such a wonderful course, not just for learning the basics but by being directed spiritual before the lessons. It is really helpful! Many thanks for bringing friends and families together through the joy of worshipping music! I am so impressed with the quality and the content of this book.


Perfect! Having fun and learning. Easy to comprehend. Love the challenge!


This book motivates me to practice more. Music of this type is the reason I chose to learn to play guitar. Thank you very much.

la guera

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