///Start To Finish Self-Publishing Downloadable PDF

Start To Finish Self-Publishing Downloadable PDF

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Today, everyone can publish their own book. You just need to know the process.

In Start To Finish Self-Publishing, you are guided through every step of creating and submitting your book and then collecting royalties. This includes the tools you’ll need, a step-by-step process for submitting your book to Amazon and other retail stores, and how to market your book so that it sells.

You don’t need any experience to get started. The process of learning how to self-publish is explained in an easy to understand way. Micah has been a teacher for more than ten years. He knows how to lay out a book so that you get what you need at the right intervals. Plus, each chapter is titled so that you can come back to it again and again as you publish more books.

This is the self-publishing guide that business professionals, pastors, teachers, creative moms, and people with a skill to share have been waiting for.

Chapters include:

* Before You Begin The Writing Process (Tools You’ll Need)
* During The Writing Process (How To Stay focused)
* What Is An Editor and How To Find One
* Marketing Decisions Before You Publish
* How To Format Your Book As An eBook and For Print
* Understanding The Many Revenue Channels Available To You
* How To Have A Great Book Launch
* What Advertising Networks To Use and Which To Avoid
* It May Be Time For A Book Series

Start To Finish Self-Publishing is chock full of resources and proven methods. Click the “buy button” to get started on your self-publishing journey today!


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