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Guitar Secrets Revealed

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“This is a cool book! There are tips in this one that everyone can appreciate. From interesting chords to some music pro knowledge that is important, I recommend Guitar Secrets Revealed to every guitarist. Essential.”

Dylan Rosson Lead Guitarist for American Idol’s Scotty McCreery

It’s not easy to figure out what will take your playing to the next level. For less than the price of one guitar lesson, Guitar Secrets Revealed will help you get to the next level.

This book reveals some of the secrets and tips that will help you skip years ahead in your playing. In this insider’s guide, you will learn some of the ways that professional players think. This book is for intermediate guitarists who want to be better guitar players.

These are the tricks and shortcuts that I have learned over fifteen years of playing guitar professionally. In Guitar Secrets Revealed, I present unconventional and less traditional, but useful (and sometimes quicker) ways to play fundamental chords. I describe methods of using the fretting hand thumb to play chords that you may not have known existed.

Learn about “head math”, which is practical music theory that’s ready for the stage. These aren’t boring college music theory lectures, rather, this is the most boots-on-the-ground way to understand the Nashville numbers system and how to use it to memorize any song easily and quickly. I also demonstrate some alternative ways to use your capo and alternate tunings for your guitar. Check out some of what’s in Guitar Secrets Revealed below and then get your copy today.

Here are some of the things you’ll learn:

  • Barre Chords Using The Thumb
  • Playing Open In The Key Of B (No Barre Chords Necessary!)
  • Learning How To Maximize Your Use Of The Keys Of G, C, and D
  • Head Math (Music Theory For Real People)
  • The Awesome Use Of The Capo
  • How To Transition To Every Chord Most Efficiently
  • Alternate Tunings And Why You Should Use Them
  • Playing In A Band: Pro Rules For Rhythm
  • Bonus Sections:
  • How To Buy A Guitar Without Taking A Bath
  • Using A Secret Locking Technique To Change Your Guitar Strings

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9 in stock (can be backordered)


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