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Lead Sheets


Sheet music has so many names today. Below you’ll see the many forms that it takes and some of the services I offer.

I’ve worked more than ten years in church music. I know the pressures that come from having to have new material each weekend. Please let me take off some of the charting pressure for you and your teams. In fact, having a professionally created lead sheet or chord chart can be all the difference in an efficient rehearsal or sloppy. Read through each of the types of sheet music I offer and find that ones that work best for you. You can combine them as needed.

Side note: Please do not rely on Google for chords for your worship team songs. I’ve seen so many guitar chord charts that are free online for worship songs that are transcribed completely wrong. This hurts your team and your congregation. It also costs you rehearsal time.

What songs can I have charted?

You can choose any song you would like to have charted in any of the forms below. You do not have to own the copyright. For example, if you would like the latest Hillsong or Chris Tomlin song charted I can do that for you. I can also chart your original songs as well. Whether your sheet music is for a thousand person choir or solely for your personal enjoyment. Sheet music of one of your loved one’s songs also makes a lasting gift for any occasion.

Lead Sheets from $100

I use Finale® Music Notation Software to create arrangements of any song you would like to perform. Lead sheets typically include a melody line, lyrics, and chords above the line. I can include band indications, a rhythm line, vocal parts and dynamic indications as you need.

Chord Charts from $50

Chord charts are the most common sheet music that churches use week to week. Chord charts include chords over words (lyrics), title, author, and tempo. I’m also glad to include, band indications, copyright information, and song structure information at the top of the page. I try to keep these types of charts to no more than two pages. I’ve found that bands appreciate two pages or less. Also, I can add a capo chart version of your songs for only $10/chart. For example, if your song was in the key of B and you also wanted a capo version in G, it would only cost $10 more.

Number Charts from $50

Number charts are typically one-page documents that chart a song using numbers. If you are not familiar with numbers, if you are in the key of G, the G chord is 1, the C chord is 4, the D chord is 5 and so on. Number charts is sheet music shorthand. They are incredibly helpful when you have an experienced set of musicians who can play while reading numbers. These charts are not for everyone, but they are perfect for a specific set of worship teams.

Formatted Lyrics from $15

There are a few critical ways that I can format your lyrics for worship. The first is to create a PDF version so that the lyrics are as large as possible for you and your vocalists to see on stage. These are no more than two pages and work well during rehearsal and service. The second option is having your lyrics formatted in PowerPoint, Keynote, or Pro Presenter. The type of lyrics you need will be determined by which program your church uses. If you use another application let me know and I’ll work in that as well. Those three above are the most common at this point.

How do I get started?

This is super easy! I’m waiting to hear from you. Visit our Contact page. Give us as much detail about what you would like to accomplish as possible and I’ll get in touch with you as soon as I can. Thanks so much!