//How To Recognize God’s Blessing

How To Recognize God’s Blessing

Last week, my family had the privilege to go to Disney World in central Florida. As any good neighbor does, I planned to mow our lawn, which needed it tremendously, before heading out of town for five days. We had just acquired our riding mower, which is much higher power than our previous. As I began to mow the first pass in the backyard, I ran over a tough root; or so I thought. I had earphones in my ears, felt the thud, but didn’t think of it any further.

The metal spigot – blessing one

I’ll never forget the look on my wife’s face as she came scrambling out of our home. She was holding our nine-month-old baby girl. She motioned at me with her arms to stop the mower immediately. I had no idea why. As the mower blades quit swirling, she told me that I had hit something, shooting it through our kitchen window. There was glass everywhere.

Neither of us could believe what had happened. What I thought was a root ended up being a metal spigot that the previous owner of our home must have tossed into bushes. This spigot shot like a bullet through the lower window of the kitchen where all three of my kids and my wife were sitting, finishing their dinner. Not one person was hurt. Outside of a ton of glass thrown throughout the house, there was no real damage. Looking at the trajectory that this metal piece of spigot shrapnel could have taken, God certainly had watched over our family.

While initially I was frustrated at the broken window, the cost coming to repair it, and all the glass everywhere, I came to realize the blessing and protection that had come to our household was miraculous. My perspective changed when I realized this blessing. I wish that I could say that I held on to this perspective, but I cannot, as you’ll see in this next story.

A keyboard for a refrigerator – blessing two

Two days before our planned trip back from Disney, I received an email from someone interested in buying a vintage keyboard that I had for sale. Honestly, I had forgotten that I made that for sale online. There had been no interest in it for months. Emailing back and forth with this gentleman showed that he was determined to buy this keyboard. He lived in Mississippi and was willing to drive 4.5 hours to buy it if I would meet him the day we got back from our trip. I agreed, knowing that my timeline was going to be tight.

I housed the keyboard at our church, so I met a good friend there to meet our Mississippi buyer. After loading the keyboard into the buyer’s car, I said goodbye to my friend and got in my SUV to head home. At that moment my wife phoned with the news that our fourteen-year-old refrigerator must have quit working the moment we stepped out of our home five days before, as we left for our Disney vacation. Somehow it knew that if it went out at that moment it would be the most inconvenient for us.

While we knew that someday we would have to be in the market for a new refrigerator, I was upset that it was now. How could all of these things be happening to our sweet little family? As I was puffing up on the phone, my wife said, “It looks like God provided for our new refrigerator through the sale of that keyboard.” I was caught in my faithlessness again. She was right. While we basically traded a keyboard for a refrigerator, the timing of that money was perfect. It took my wife’s faith-filled words to help me recognize God’s faithfulness. Praise God!

Elijah and the prophets of Baal

I’m not alone in needing my faith-perspective shifted in order to recognize God’s blessing. The prophet Elijah called down fire on the wet altar, ultimately bringing the demise of the evil prophets of Baal. As soon as he does so he runs for his life. He complains to God that there are none who believe in God anymore. God responds to him by saying that there are yet over seven thousand who haven’t bent their knee to Baal. His perspective needed to be realigned to see this reality, or better yet: blessing.

You and I can recognize the blessing of the Lord by keeping the perspective that God is always working. It’s when we huff and puff about the poor circumstances we are in that we often miss the fact that God knows our circumstances even better than we do. He is not only aware but going to use them for our good. I hope to say that in future opportunities I will choose to look for blessing rather than wallow in anger or crankiness. God is faithful and knows what we need.

-Micah Brooks

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