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Micah Brooks: All Things New EP


The All Things New EP is out now!

All To Your Name

Micah Brooks/Corey Voss


All To Your Name is the first song on the All Things New EP. I am privileged to have co-written this song with Corey Voss. Corey is a talented worship leader from the Nashville area.

We met together to write an upbeat worship song. One that would invite the congregation to lift their hands from the beginning of a service. I believe that we do not need to be warmed up or wait for a slower song later in the service to raise our hands in worship. In Psalms 132 we are commanded to lift our hands before God. It’s an act of total surrender. There are few places in life where we need to lift our hands in this way. God gives us this place of doing when worshipping him. It’s remarkably unique!

I remember speaking with Corey about how we wanted the verses to use the old hymn-themed pattern. Notice at the end of verse two we speak about Jesus coming back again. These are awesome words from the book of Revelation when Jesus rides in with His eyes like fire and breath like wind. His every word is faithful and true. I love the power of that imagery. This is Jesus Whom we worship. He is not dead, He is fully alive and coming back as a conquering King!

The bridge invites every saint to raise their hands before the Lord. This is a type of the great rehearsal here on earth. The power of learning how to worship God in this life must yield dividends in our eternal home.

May you always have this great hope inside and never bury it or want to hide it. Let your life be lived all to the name and glory of Jesus Christ Who was and is and is to come. Amen!


Micah Brooks/Kirk Kirkland


Romans 10:9 says, “If you believe in your heart and confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord, raising Him from the dead, you will be saved.” From what I know, this is the only way to find eternal salvation. Our days under the sun are numbered, but our days with God are not.

I wrote the song Saved with songwriter and singer, Kirk Kirkland. We spoke about the importance of the verse in Romans above. We wanted to use that line as part of the chorus to be sung over and over.

Beyond believing in your heart and speaking with your mouth, it’s critical to recognize the power of Jesus’ blood shed on the cross. Scripture says that we were bought by the blood of Jesus. There was an eternal transaction made on your behalf. It is in the power of that shed blood that your sins are forever forgiven.

Equally as important as understanding the work of Jesus on the cross for my sins is that my salvation must be worked out with fear and trembling. It is my responsibility to live each day as if my salvation could be lost. While I do not believe it can be snatched up by Satan’s hand for any single action, I certainly believe I should live my life in reverent fear of the God who made the universe. He wants to know us and he has given us standards by which to live. It is through obedience that we display our love for our creator.

May you rejoice with the words of your mouth and the belief in your heart that you are saved by the God who made the universe yet still knows the number of hairs on your head.

Jesus My Savior

Micah Brooks/Jason Dyba

Jesus My Savior is one of my favorite songs. I wrote it with my friend from Belmont University, Jason Dyba, at Lifeway headquarters in downtown Nashville, TN. I came to Jason with the melody that you hear in the song and Jason helped shaped the lyrics. He is a talented lyricist.

We began with the concept that the chorus needed to be simple and accessible while the verses could be more complex. Each verse describes an aspect of the character of Jesus and why His name is so great. We intentionally do not sing the name of Jesus until the chorus so that it lifts from the verses; not just with a melodic lift, but also in the power of the words. There is no name greater than the name of Jesus. No, not one!

Verse one speaks to the wonderful nature of his name. Everyone in heaven and on earth either does or will know it. The second verse is about the refuge nature of Jesus. He wants us all to come to a knowledge of Him and find rest. Verse three is about the grace and mercy of Jesus. Without the cross, we would not know His power and unsurpassable greatness. I love the triumphant words that death was beaten and slain. The cross was an agonizing defeat of darkness for light.

The bridge revisits each of the themes of the verses. Jesus’ name is great and mighty. His reign is sovereign and everlasting. We can always run to Him. And His grace is the hope of Christ living deep inside of us now and forever.

May Jesus be your savior. May His mercy be everlasting and forget not soon all His benefits.

Here Comes The Lord

Micah Brooks/Jared Anderson


I had the privilege of writing Here Comes The Lord with Jared Anderson. The day of writing was one of my favorite in my songwriting life. We wrote in the writer’s room at Integrity Music in Franklin, TN.

Jared has become a friend and so we spent a few minutes catching about where our lives had led us recently before we began writing. In doing so, we realized that both of us were in seasons we would never have expected the Lord to bring us. I remember the line that Jared said speaking of his circumstance. He was talking about where his family was living for the summer and the opportunities that lay ahead for him and said, “But here comes the Lord to do it only as he can do”. We then had the hook and idea for this song.

The hardest things in life usually come with skin attached. People affect us. The Lord, for whatever reason, leads us through difficult situations rather than around them. Even his own Son went to the cross, being so difficult that He sweated drops of blood. He even asked His Father to remove the cup from Him. We cannot expect anything different if God would treat his own Son this way.

In the chorus, we talk about understanding what God has already planned to bring us through and how he walks alongside us. He welcomes home the orphan; he rescues us; he uses challenges to refine us, but he always brings us back to him.

The name of this EP is All Things New. That line comes from the bridge of this song. The idea is that God is making all things new. He’s making all things new again. We leak. We lose our trust in God but then he brings us back to him, time after time. God is able to do more than we could ever ask or imagine. Here comes the Lord to do what only he can do.

Heal The Brokenhearted

Micah Brooks/Tony Wood

Heal The Brokenhearted is the oldest song on the EP. I began writing it in 2011 when my mother-in-law was first diagnosed with a rare form of ovarian cancer. Amid that devastating news, I came across Psalm 147. Psalm 147:3 says that God is not only close to the brokenhearted, as it says so in Psalm 34:18, but also that he heals the brokenhearted.

The only one who can heal a broken heart is God. Many things can break it but God, our creator, is the only one who can restore it. In 2014, I had the chance to write with renowned lyricist Tony Wood. As we sat in the Word Entertainment writer’s room in Franklin, TN, we began to talk about what was happening in our lives.

Tony asked me if I had any songs I had begun, but needed to finish. I went through a few ideas but nothing really hit home. I decided that I needed to be a bit more vulnerable and I brought forward the concept of Heal The Brokenhearted. Tony loved the hook and the premise behind it and so we got to work.

My favorite line in this tune is, “There’s nothing shattered that You can’t restore.” If you think about a piece of glass that has shattered, even if you were able to glue everything back together, it would still be a fragmented window. However, when God restores something it is brand new. He makes all things new.

It was my privilege to play this song in front of my mother-in-law’s casket at her funeral in 2016. She requested that I play a song that I had written and I knew this was the one she meant. We can trust that God will heal even the most broken of hearts. Heal The Brokenhearted is a victory chant as much as it is a prayer.

Love Has Overcome

Micah Brooks/Shelly E. Johnson


Love Has Overcome is the Easter song of the record. It was a joy to write it with Shelly E. Johnson. We both attended Belmont University together, having mutual friends, but had never written together. Shelly has an incredible heart for worship leading and it shows in her writing style.

When you read the final days of Jesus’ life across all four of the gospels you realize how focused Jesus’ determination had to be to achieve His goal. His being fully God, yet fully man made these days agonizing. Shelly and I loved the line that begins this song by saying, “Hear the sound of glory rising.” The idea is like a trumpet announcing the entrance of a great king. Our praises, when amassed together, are a wonderful and frightful sound. God’s people, using the power that raised Jesus from the dead, is no force with which to be reckoned.

The chorus is an important reminder that it was Jesus’ precious love that overcame sin and the grave. The Bible says that He became a curse for us. It wasn’t that He entertained the curse, but that He became the curse. When we sing of His great love, and the power that helped Him overcome, we are singing about the dreadful curse that we placed upon Him. The glorious reveal is that He is triumphant, removing the curse forever! He is risen indeed!

I love the lift of the bridge, “Jesus, Jesus there is none but Jesus.” Jesus said that no one can come to the Father except through Him. He is the gatekeeper where there had been no open door before. We now have access to the Father in a way that only Jesus and the angels knew.

I love the opportunity of this song on Easter Sunday. When we know what has been overcome and why it matters today, we can sing it with all of our hearts. We are far better off because of Jesus’ shed blood today than even yesterday. It’s amazing that His mercies are made new each and every morning. Praise God!

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