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Book Micah Brooks Band


Booking concerts and worship events now for mid-2018!

There are three different ways you can bring Micah Brooks to your church or event.

Micah Brooks Band

Micah Brooks Band includes a full team of musicians. We cover vocals, guitars, keys, bass, and drums. We use your sound system and can provide a sound engineer and lyric presenter if necessary.

Micah Brooks Acoustic

Micah Brooks Acoustic is slightly larger than it sounds. Instead of a full band, we’ll bring a team of three musicians to your church or event. The image above is an actual picture of what acoustic looks like. This is perfect for smaller churches, youth groups, or events. We can provide sound and lyrics if necessary.

Micah Brooks Solo

Micah Brooks Solo is just Micah alone. He’ll play with your worship team. Micah has been leading worship with adult and youth/college age worship teams for more than fifteen years. It’s an honor to get to meet and perform with your musicians.

*Note, if you are looking to bring Micah in to speak at your church/event or to work with your worship teams, please visit our Consulting page for more information.

Here’s how to book

Prices vary based on what your church or event needs. We can accommodate almost every request. Let us know you are interested by visiting our Contact page and filling out a short form. We’ll get back to you within 48 hours.


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