Stair Step Faith – How We Grow In The Lord

Can you think back to when you first met Jesus? For many of us, it was a glorious day when darkness was turned to light. Inner peace filled our hearts where a God-shaped hole had been.

Then it happened. We said: “So, what’s next?”

We call this question the appropriate catalyst for how to grow in the Lord. You see, our faith-life doesn’t grow at a steady rate. It’s not a linear progression. If we were able to chart it out, it would look more like a faith-staircase.

Spiritual High Stage

Here’s what I mean. Every step on the faith-staircase is spiritual momentum. Imagine you’ve been shrunken down to about three inches tall. You’ve just scaled the wall of your first stair. Once on top, you are on the beginning third of that stair. This is the spiritual high stage. Everything is going right with the Lord. You are telling everyone about the new thing you are learning.

Peace With God Stage

Once you’ve lived through the spiritual high, you drop into a stage of contentment with Jesus. It’s not a high, but the lessons with which you’ve used to build your character are now a part of you. You feel a sense of peace with God.

Hit A Wall Stage

Then it happens. Your little three inch person reaches the latter third of the stair. You see a wall ahead of you with no where to go but up. Spiritual discontentment is stirring inside you. God is doing it. It’s time to grow in the Lord again.

“What should I do?”

I bet you can relate to the spiritual staircase. So, what can you do with it? It’s really simple. God has given you these spiritual meters; this ability to discern where you are with him so that you’ll continue to grow. Thank God that he is patient with us and allows us to have the moments of spiritual high, then peace and then change! God is the initiator of change.

If you’re that three inch tall person and see a spiritual wall ahead of you, it’s time to grow. If you’ve been at that wall for a while then God has probably been throwing down a rope from the top of the next step ready to pull you up.

The end of the staircase is when we arrive in heaven. Until then, we keep scaling the steps. We keep growing.


I would be glad to speak, email, or chat with you if you’re at the wall of a step and can’t figure out what the next one to grow in the Lord could look like. One of my goals in life is to serve. Please connect. Also, share a comment below to add to this conversation.

-Micah Brooks

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