One of my deepest passions is to help other songwriters succeed. There is nothing more important to music than the song.

I am privileged to write songs as a part of my living. I’ve been writing songs since 1999, and have seen the progression necessary to develop the skills needed to write songs people want to hear. In fact, there are twenty-five songs and counting that appear in CCLi for churches around the world to use as they wish. You can do the same.

While there is a formula for some types of songwriting, I do not teach formula-writing. Instead, I work with you as a music creator. I’ll help you develop your craft. We walk through the importance of chorus-lift, rhyming choice, overall song preparation and much, much more.

So, what does it cost?

While we could work out a monthly amount, songwriting sessions typically come in spurts. We can work on a song by song basis. Basically, the fee is per hour and we schedule them as needed.

  • $70/session

*Each session is 60 minutes

Where do you teach?

I teach from my home in Murfreesboro, TN, where we have a nice piano studio. Another option is using Skype or a FaceTime connection. This allows you to be home or on the road and still get to your lesson each week. I also have access to a cabin in Woodbury, TN. This costs extra, but is so much fun!

Check out these articles before you get started.


How do I get started?

This is super easy! I’m waiting to hear from you, so fill out the form below. Give me as much detail about what you would like to accomplish and I’ll get in touch with you.

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