Listen to Micah Brooks on several different podcasts.

I have had the great privilege of meeting some wonderful people throughout the United States. In doing so, I had the opportunity to be on their podcasts and have made them easily available here. I recommend subscribing to each of these shows. The hosts are great and their content is incredible. I’m honored to be asked to participate.

Courage Cast Podcast

Host Eric Nordhoff invited me onto his show about daily Christian encouragement. We talked about my blog post on worshippublishing.com called Treat Everyone Like A Ten. Subscribe to the podcast here or listen to this episode below.


Worship Ministry Catalyst Podcast

Hosts Kevin Kruse and David Lindner were so gracious in having me on their show not once, but for two full length episodes. In episode one we discuss life as a worship pastor in church. We speak about leadership lessons that those serving on a worship team can utilize immediately. In episode two both hosts are so kind in talking about my first book Worship Guitar In Six Weeks. Our conversation is aimed at helping new guitarists and musicians find their way onto your church worship team. Listen as we go inside the leadership of our churches. I recommend subscribing to each of the podcasts that Worship Ministry Catalyst releases. You can do so here.


Episode One

Episode Two

The Christian Habits Podcast

Barb Raveling is an absolutely distinguished host. I am so glad to have been on her show called The Christian Habits Podcast. We spoke about my worshippublishing.com article Treat Everyone Like A Ten. Barb’s audience is one that is trying to implement daily actionable habits that can be applied. We took about twenty minutes to discuss living life as other people matter to us. There is no greater command than to love God and love his people. Listen to the episode below or subscribe to her entire series here.


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