Have you ever wanted to record your own songs but never knew how? Or have you needed a few additional instruments, like real drum sounds or professional electric and acoustic guitars? We’ve got a solution for you.

I have a studio production degree from Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee. Belmont University is a critically acclaimed school for music and the arts. Located at the top of what is affectionately known as Music Row, the university has graduated some of the top talented recording artists and behind the scenes music producers still recording today.

In my schooling, I have learned from some of the best, gathered high quality recording techniques, and worked in several genres. It was required work. I’m glad it was!

We are putting all of this studio knowledge and musical instrument talent to work for you. I have changed to we here because I’m not alone in this pursuit. A few of my professional musician friends and I will make your tracks come to life. Together we provide real drum tracks, guitar, bass, keys, aux instruments (like banjo, mandolins and others) and percussion loops for your project.

How does this break down?

Real Drums: We provide high fidelity, professionally mic’ed drum tracks. We mic the kick, snare, toms, overhead cymbals and the room. We can break them out for your individually as track or provide a stereo combined files.

Electric, Acoustic, and Bass Guitars: We track our electric guitars via amp through a microphone. These are not synthesized tones, but rather genuine, high fidelity tones you will appreciate. We stereo track our acoustics in whatever mic’ing technique is best for your project. Our bass tracks are recorded direct into a UA LA610 preamp compressor that make the tones full and fantastic!

Piano and Keyboards: 
I (Micah Brooks) track all of our pianos and keyboard sounds. These include grand or upright pianos, synths, organs, pads and noises. All files delivered in a high quality stereo WAV file.

Auxiliary Instruments: 
You never know when a little mandolin, banjo or other odd-ball instrument will fit the calling of your tune. We have got ya covered. This will take a little work on both of our parts to figure out what works best.

Loops, Shakers, and Supplemental Rhythm: 
Most tracks can use loops, shakers and various other percussion and click tracks. I program each of these elements using several DAW applications that provide excellent tracks

Vocal Tuning: I do all of our in-house vocal tuning. I use Melodyne Tuning Software and can usually turn around a track in 24-48 hours.

Mixing: If you have all of your tracks finished, or you are adding yours to ours and you would like a final mix, I can help. From compressing and EQ’ing the drum set to defining excellent Left-Right balance, your song can be mixed and ready to present.

How much does it cost?

We honestly wish we could give you a ballpark quote on this website, but every project is different. We shoot for middle of the road pricing in every case and work with you through your final project.

How do I get started?

Shoot us an email using the form below and we can get started on scheduling a session today.


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