We are the body of Christ and we strengthen one another.

Bringing in a consultant either on an ongoing or occasional basis will help your team develop tenfold what it would without. An outside perspective can be critical to your success. Let me tell you how this works.

Who am I?

I have more than eleven years as a professional worship leader and musician. I’ve played with worship bands for more than eighteen years and I’m only thirty two. It’s easy to say that I’ve fallen in love with worship music and building the Church.

Over the last decade I’ve learned how to build and care for teams; help a large church organize their worship staff; and help elevate the quality of our worship music without losing the heart of what draws people to the Lord. The only way to do that is by being intentional. By being willing to evaluate your processes every so often and keeping the strengths while minimizing weaknesses. This comes with a few important skills that I want to share with you.

What instruments can you help us with?

I will work with your worship leaders, vocalists, guitarists, bassists, keyboard players, drummers, percussionists and sound technicians. Every position on your team is valuable and each needs to play their specific part. Most of the time, one consulting session is enough to expand what your team is doing well, while recommending actionable changes for the areas that need improvement.

What I won’t do.

Change the heart of who your team is. God has established your church within his Church. My goal is to help bring momentum to what you are currently doing. You are a unique member of the body of Christ, blessed with certain people and gifts. There is no reason to try and be someone else. Rather, it’s important to figure out who God is calling you to be and cherish that.

When can you come and how much does it cost?

I will fly in on a Saturday and meet with you. On Sunday, I attend all of your church services and get to know who you are. Then, either on Sunday after church or Monday in the office we will talk through some of the places needed expanding or diminishing. This is more than a fact finding mission. We will walk through some step-by-step measures you can put in place today to move your ministry ahead quickly. In addition, I will plan to meet with you for two or four Skype sessions each week following our time together to talk through your implementation and answer questions/brainstorm. I’m not leaving you to figure this out for yourself. I’m available to you!

If your church meets throughout the week or you would like me to work with you for an even that meets at a different time (like youth or college) we can work out a good time for my arrival. I’m flexible!

Prices will vary based on the scope and size of your church. We will work together to find a budget that suits your needs. As long as I can get to you we can work together.

How do I get in touch with you?

Fill out this short form and let me you who you are and who your church and team are. We can begin our relationship together today. Currently booking 30 days in advance.

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