The Back Of The Parking Lot

I’ve been on staff at a large church for over 10 years. In fact, I’ve attended this same church for more than 20. In all of our years serving, the leadership of the church asked the volunteers and staff to park at the back of the parking lot on Sunday mornings. The purpose was clear – when we park in the back of the lot and take the hike, it reminds us why we are there. It reminds us whom we are serving.

One of the greatest lies that church volunteers and staff members can believe is that they are what makes church happen. Some even believe that if they were to step away, then the infrastructure would crumble. Nothing could be further from the truth. We are players in a game in which God has allowed us to participate. This is His Church and He knows how to build it.

We are not the ones in control

So, when we park at the back of the parking lot, it reminds us that we are not the ones in control. We are serving God’s people. People are precious to God, so they must be precious to us.

In life, you may not serve on a team at church leading you to come early, needing to park at the back of the lot. But the point still remains. What motivates your heart? Who are you serving? The Bible says that even slaves should serve their masters like they are serving Christ. This is a downright countercultural idea. Slavery is sickening. However, God wants even the thought-life of a slave to be subject to Him. How much more we who are free?

Kindness is directly linked to character change

It’s our privilege to treat others well. If you will, go out of your way to serve someone. Do it, not because you’ve been told, but rather because you want to. This is especially helpful in relationships where there is some animosity. Try to Imagine a change in character in this person as a result of your kindness. Kindness is directly linked to character change [repentance] in the Bible. So, if someone you work with needs a heart-change, kindness is probably the best incubator to help them move toward that transformation.

If you sit in a place where you’re mad at the world, and do nothing about it, why would you ever expect anything to change? On the other hand, if you implement a new method, like the one explained above, you may see results. Remember, God knows how life works best. Let’s choose His way for a season and then re-evaluate. We can do this!

What is your Back Of The Parking Lot?

Figure out what your back of the parking lot looks like. How can you serve someone consistently, while it helps you to develop a more Christ-like mindset?

You are welcome to comment below. Let us know what you, your team, or your church does to stay humble.

Micah Brooks

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