21 Day Character Challenge: A Daily Devotional and Bible Reading Plan

The only thing from this life that you will take with you into eternity is your character. It’s plain and simple. You can build massive wealth, drive a fancy car, have the most amazing husband or wife, but when you leave this world the only thing you take with you is the mental and moral distinctions that make you: you. This is your character.

Meet Matt. Meet Anna. They are the heroes of this 21 Day Character Challenge book. You will follow them each day through 21 different life lessons that help to shape their faith. Your goal will be to place yourself in their shoes. You will learn without having to go through these scenarios yourself.

Everyone should take the 21 Day Character Challenge and see what areas of your life God is ready to expand. See where he is calling you forward. It’s a wild ride, but well worth the journey!

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Here’s what my kids think of the book. Too funny!

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