Hi, I’m Micah Brooks

I’m a worship leader, author, songwriter, music coach, husband and father. I’ve been leading worship most of my life. Recently, I have been writing books to help strengthen the Church. Check out my book called Ephesians that just released! Blessings!

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Here are some of my services

Everyone can learn to play guitar, piano, and how to write a song. Check out my music lessons page to get started. Now offering special Skype lessons. You don’t even have to leave your home!

If you’ve written a song or need someone else’s charted, check out my sheet music section. Great prices on lead sheets, chord charts, and more!

One of the neatest services I offer is called multitrack studio recording. If you have a song you’ve written or one you’d like to record, my team can produce high quality, professional tracks to help you finish your music project.

If you have ever dreamed of learning guitar, this is the book for you. For less than the price of one guitar lesson, use these six lessons to give you everything you need for the stage. Micah Brooks: Guitar Authority Book Series, Book One. Get the Paperback or Kindle version here.

There are thousands upon thousands of guitar chords you can learn, but only a few are essential. This book gives you the most important 42 guitar chords you will ever need. This takes the guess work out of the equation. Micah Brooks: Guitar Authority Book Series, Book Two. Get the Paperback or Kindle version here.

This is the guitar book that I wish every professional would write. They would read my book and I would read theirs. These are the chords, tips and secrets to advance you ten years ahead of where you are now. Micah Brooks: Guitar Authority Book Series, Book Three. Get the Paperback or Kindle version here.

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